Pint for a pound

Every night. All delicious pints and glasses of wine are £1 with any pizza.


Monkey Quizness

Sunday night 8pm is the best weekly quiz in Cheltenham hosted by Quiz Guv Paul.

£2 entry per person and no limit on team size!

There are 8 pints, 2 bottles of wine, pizzas and peanuts to be won, you don‘t have to be the cleverest to win prizes - perhaps just the most wily, jammy or downright lucky!

Lots of topics current and old, healthy competiton, fun and team banter from some of the best teams around Cheltenham…come and challenge these egg heads – they need to be beaten!

(Win 3 times running there is a special cash prize!)

Every Sunday - 8pm - 12am - View Photos


FRIDAY NIGHTS - Free Live Gigs



A new partnership with Kiss My Face Music is bringing some exciting new band to the cheltenham music scene via The Conservatory.

All gigs are free and we have already hosted Ellen and the Escapades, A Plastic Rose and soon to be hearing Octoberman.

Nights start at 7.30pm with an energetic warm up from local artists/bands then features a headline act who are currently pushing their way onto the world music stage.

Always a great night full of incredible talent from all musicians.




Keep in touch via The Conservatory Café Bar group for up and coming one off special events!



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Telephone: 01242 579090



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